Together We Can Accomplish Great Things For Our Kids!

Fundraising is an important piece in the operation of all ministries and First St John Day School is no exception. Maintaining a quality Christian educational program requires keeping current with educational standards which includes teacher education and the latest technology and equipment for our students. Keeping tuition affordable requires us to look for additional sources of income for all the extra things we would like to have for our students. Some donations on your part come at no additional cost to you, but a little time; and we do appreciate that!


Community Rewards

Enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program if you shop at Kroger’s. By registering your Kroger Plus card at and selecting First St. John Day School, we will receive a percentage of your purchases. This costs you nothing more, but helps us a lot!

Amazon Smile

Logo of Amazon Smile

Do you use Amazon for your online purchases? Considering that most of us do, we have partnered with Amazon Smile to help you give back to First St. John Dayschool! The process is simple: click here to link your Amazon profile to Amazon Smile and 0.05% of all of your purchases will come directly back to the school. Also, while a little confusing, remember for future purchases to log into (as opposed to regular to continue to support this worthwhile cause. We thank you for taking the 30 seconds to set this up and all the rewards your little ones will get in the future.

Check back with us for more fundraising events